About Us

Here at Paladin Clothiers, it all starts at the top.

Mr. Patrick Shelley is a man obsessed with sartorial pursuits.

As a young boy, he was educated in men’s style by his Uncle during the years he was raised by him.

Shelley spent afternoons in the tailor shop doing all the odd jobs they could find for him, just so that he could practice cutting and finishing on fabric scraps.

Why would a young boy want to do this?

Because, most all of us have had a point in life where something just clicked and you said, wow, I like this.

And then, if you were lucky, you might have even been good at what you loved. It’s truly a gift when you are.

Well, the design of suiting, shirting and coating was something that Shelley not only loved but was incredibly talented at as well.

He just had a knack for knowing what looked good and maybe even more importantly, what didn’t.

Through thick and thin this love of the cloth never abated over the years.

Then when a major life change and sartorial timing collided, Shelley decided to finally take up his lifelong dream of helping to usher in a new ‘Golden Era’ of men’s style.

With respects to the sartorial timing…

It is Mr. Shelley’s belief that following along with the new business casual dress is a huge mistake.

But also, one that opens up amazing opportunities for those who go against the grain.

His ideals follow the premise that; if everyone else is busy dressing in jeans and a sweater, you can stand out and gain a massive advantage by not just looking ok, but by looking amazing instead.

The logic is that; companies are always on the lookout for rising stars to promote.

Who is it that gains the attention of the C suites by looking the part and wearing the same tailored clothing that they are?

Who is it, you the man that looks like them, talks like them and thinks like them?

Or the guy who looks like they have a poverty mentality and should shut up and go get their coffee?

Who is it that get’s the attention of all the women in the office?

You who looks like a stud, or the guy wearing that abysmal checkered sweater vest over a cheap worn out shirt and crappy shoes?

When the company has clients fly in, who do they want representing them, you looking like a proverbial rock star or the guy who thought business casual also meant he didn’t have to iron his clothes either?

Mr. Shelley helps men succeed through dressing the part.

He espouses the statement; Don’t dress for who you are now, dress for who you want to be.

Mr. Shelley believes that you should not just look good, but that you should look amazing.

This falls in line with the ideal of; you don’t have to get ready, if you stay ready.

By dressing the part every day, you stay ready for opportunities.

Then, when opportunity knocks, don’t just open the door. No, instead kick that damn thing in and introduce yourself!

And, people will take you seriously, because you look like the man who should be taken seriously.

These and other Shelley principles guide the actions of each and every person at Paladin Clothiers.

Whether it be the tailors, your style consultant, the shipping department or anyone else, these ideals are what we live by.