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Black Leather Sneakers & Brown Leather Sneakers Bespoke

When you’re ready to take your sneakers to a whole new level, you get them handmade, when you’re ready for the ultimate experience, you go full bespoke.

Below we have answered the top questions people have about leather sneakers, peruse the sub-headlines, we are pretty sure you’ll find the answer to a few of your won questions as well.  

Why Do True Sneakers Have A Cup Sole?

cupsole sneaker

You might be wondering: What are cup soles? Why do sneakers have cup soles? What is their purpose? A rubber outsole with a tall “sidewall” is known as a cup sole. The sidewall of the shoe cradles or “cups” the upper side of the shoe, thus the name “cup sole.”

Cup soles are essential for protecting the heel, toe, and sides of your shoes which they handle well their high sidewall, which makes them a popular design for sneakers, casual shoes, and other high-intensity sports footwear.

Without Cup soles, you are more prone to injury, sprain because they give a firm base for your feet and movement. This is why having a cup sole is always vital for sneakers. They can also be connected without using a midsole or welt which makes them extremely light and flexible which translates to better performance for you.

It takes a lot of time and effort to attach a cup sole to an upper. This is because soles must be securely connected to the upper leather then go through a six-step process to bond the soles and upper leather using a heat-activated cement coupled with high pressure.

To establish a lasting connection, they then utilize specialized sewing equipment known as a “sidewall stitcher.” Each sole features a very tiny stitching channel in the sidewall that must be completed with a steady hand and a high degree of ability and competence.

The cup sole/sidewall stitch structure is one of the lightest and most flexible of all outsole constructions since it lacks a midsole or welt. The cup sole offers every shoe a distinctive appearance that is both stylish and informal.

The only disadvantage of a cup sole is that it cannot be changed. Because the sidewall is glued to the upper, removing the sole would rip the leather uppers, leaving them unusable. As a result, having a high-quality cup sole made by a trusted manufacturer is vital so that you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


What To Wear With Black Leather Sneakers?

Black Polo, Black Chinos, Black Leather Watch, and Black Wool Blazer

Do you know what else goes with the color black? You guessed it! If you are wearing any clothing that is colored black. It is always worth considering wearing other types of black to go along with it. For this case, a black wool jacket with black chinos for a sleek and sophisticated look would be a great option!

White Long Sleeve Shirt and Black Chinos

If you don’t have the time to shop and look for different types of clothes with different types of fits just to suit your black leather sneakers. You can always try to substitute for a plain white long sleeve with any black chinos or slacks. The contrast between white and black gives you a professional but also casual feeling.

Black Long Sleeve and Khaki Chinos

If you want a more casual look then the black long sleeve and khaki chino combo are super easy to pull off without much effort. This fit makes you look cool and put together without spending tons of time in the wardrobe.

What to Wear With Brown Leather Sneakers?

brown leather sneakers

Tobacco / Brown Colored Jacket, Grey Hoodie, and Charcoal / Black Skinny Jeans

A brown leather sneaker always goes well with other brown-type clothing. This is why we recommend you try on a grey hoodie and any brown / tobacco-colored jacket on top and finish it off with any charcoal / black skinny jeans.

Varsity /Black Jacket, White Crew-neck T-shirt, and Navy Jeans

For individuals who prefer relaxed casual styles, a black varsity jacket and navy denim are the perfect matches. This is because the varsity / black jacket gives off a serious professional vibe while the white crew-neck t-shirt paired with the navy jeans counterbalances this by giving off a casual look.

Beige Crew-neck Sweater, and White Jeans

However, some people don’t like jackets which is why we suggest that you wear a Beige crew-neck sweater instead. Beige compliments any type of brown shoes and the white jeans helps with supporting the casual look. As a bonus, you can always wear dark-colored sunglasses to give your face a more serious look.

What Are Black Patent Leather Sneakers?

Patent leather is a type of leather that has been treated with chemicals to create a gleaming, reflective appearance. It’s generally black, and it’s been used with dress and dancing shoes for a long time. Most of the steps in the preparation of patent leather are the same as they are for other high-end leathers.

Black Patent Leather is most seen in extremely formal events such as weddings, business meetings, professional gatherings, etc.

What To Wear With Men’s Patent Leather Sneakers?

Black Overcoat, and Black Chinos

If you live in a colder climate, this outfit style will be a great option to give a casual look. Simply wear a black overcoat on top of any bright-colored clothing and finish it off with black chinos to complement the black-colored look outfit.

Tan Double Breasted Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants

The sartorially superior chaps favor this sophisticated combination of a tan double-breasted jacket and black dress slacks. This outfit is perfect for giving you the semi-formal look without looking like you are trying too hard.

What to Wear With Tan Leather Sneakers?

Beige Double-Breasted Blazer, White Dress Shirt, and White Jeans

Tan clothing always compliments clothing that has shades of white. This is why we picked a Beige Blazer, a White dress shirt to put underneath, and to finish the light look with white jeans. As a bonus, you can always wear accessories with brown shades such as a dark brown leather belt, or a brown watch.

Black Coat, and Black Ripped Jeans


Tan clothing also compliments black clothing which is why we picked a black coat and black ripped jeans. The ripped jeans give off a casual look while the black coat gives a more serious but not formal look. This outfit is perfect for going out and hanging with friends.

What To Wear With White Leather Sneakers?

white leather sneakers

Black Vertical Striped Suit, and White Dress Shirt

This outfit will undoubtedly give you a formal fun vibe. This is because the suit itself is telling a different story because it’s screaming “everyone looks at me”, but because of the vertical lines on the suit it gives off a fun feeling instead and it’s a friendly reminder to not take things too seriously.

Navy Crew Neck T-shirt, and Beige Chinos

The navy crew-neck t-shirt and beige chinos combo give for a relaxed look. But, when you add a pair of white leather sneakers to the mix, the whole outfit comes together.

What to Wear With Red Leather Sneakers?

Camel Overcoat, Beige Cable Sweater, Black Chinos, and a Red Scarf

If you want a stylish bright look then this outfit is for you. The overcoat and sweater combo completes the upper look giving a semi-formal vibe.  

However, when you add the black chinos and red scarf you suddenly get a bright and very stylish outfit. You can also add in any accessories such as sunglasses or a leather watch to complete the outfit.

And to top it all off, you couldn’t ask for a better look for the holidays!

What to Wear With Men’s Brown Leather Sneakers?

Olive Long Sleeve Shirt, Light Blue Jeans, and Grey T-shirt

Combine an olive long sleeve shirt with light blue jeans for a look that is both casual and stylish. This outfit is very casual and does not draw any attention. This is perfect for some people because they just want a good outfit that is easy and fast to put on.

What to Wear With Grey Leather Sneakers?

grey sneakers

Beige Short Sleeve, and Olive Shorts

A short sleeve shirt with a beige pattern and olive shorts are wonderful menswear pieces to have in your casual wardrobe.

If it’s a little chillier out just swap the shorts for olive chinos and you’re good to go.

What to Wear With Navy Leather Sneakers?

Charcoal Overcoat, White Short Or Long Sleeve Shirt, and Black Chinos

This outfit is perfect for hanging with friends because it is very casual. However, it does not compromise the style and sophistication. The charcoal overcoat compliments the black chinos well and to contrast the dark colors, we picked a white short sleeve or long sleeve shirt to finish it off.

Can I Wear Leather Sneakers With Business Casual?

business casual

Yes, of course! But, you need to clarify if your job allows it. For many years the casual leather sneaker was used in the gym, bars, and for casual errands.

However, business attires have been more flexible and more casual. This means leather sneakers are on the table!  The only catch is you have to clarify with the event director/organizer if wearing a leather sneaker is permitted.

Can I Wear Leather Sneakers With Shorts?

In the summer, sneakers are among the greatest shoes to wear with shorts. They go well with t-shirts and polos, but they also look fantastic with button-up shirts.

These simple, comfy, yet attractive shoes are an important component in your wardrobe all year long, regardless of your style. When worn with shorts, shoes achieve an effortlessly stylish look that is ideal for the summer.

The nicest part is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. We recommend wearing your shoes with a polo or t-shirt for a day-to-day casual appearance. On the other hand, a more formal occasion necessitates a shirt and chino shorts.

How Long Does It Take To Break In Leather Sneakers?

The amount of time it takes to break in your shoes varies on the style, sole, leather, and personal preferences for how they should feel, but it usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks for leather sneakers until they feel unbelievable on your feet.

Are Leather Sneakers Comfortable?

Yes! Leather sneakers are arguably the most comfortable piece of footwear you can have especially after the break-in. This is even better when the leather sneaker is handmade by a professional that has given it the highest quality made possible.

Are Handmade Leather Sneakers Better?

hnad made shoes

Handmade leather sneakers are far superior and bespoke takes to a whole new level.

They are built better and are a better long-term investment. If you are looking to invest in quality, you are much better off investing in handmade leather sneakers due to the standards that these shoemakers have compared to your typical pair of shoes in department stores that are machine made.

The leather is of higher quality and will most likely be full-grain which includes the topmost layer of the animal skin. This leather also has the added benefit that it hasn’t been sanded, buffed, or been altered for appearance, and it is also the most durable.

With handmade leather sneakers, you are ensured to have better durability. This is because most factories making leather sneakers are made in massive quantities and each pair is not given so much as a thought.

 However, with handmade leather sneakers, each pair is hand stretched and pounded and hand-welted, hand finished to ensure a tighter and better fit.

Going full bespoke is the next level up and means that the shoe is made around your last (the exact replica of your food carved from a solid block of ‘generally’ composite polymers nowadays, when in the days gone past it was wood.)

The polymer lasts are more durable, don’t warp, dry and crack, don’t rot and termites don’t eat them, so, as the company stores your last after making each new pair of shoes for you the last stays in far better shape.

This is where most companies get it wrong because this part of the process takes the most amount of time and effort. Because of this companies don’t focus on quality but focus on quantity to sell as much as possible and not to please as much as possible.

Most companies don’t care if you are happy with your footwear, they only care about the number of sales they get.

How Do I Clean My Leather Sneakers?

shoe cleaner

Using a Soap bar, lather a damp towel or a white sponge. Apply the soap to the upper portion of the shoe with a gentle scrubbing motion to remove stains.   

When you’re done cleaning, use a moist towel to wipe away any remaining soap and residue, then dry the shoe with a clean cloth. Don’t forget to clean the shoelaces and the sides of the shoe because that is what most people look at when someone has new shoes.